Passion Statement

I believe in the power of nonprofit organizations and their leaders to improve our world. I focus my work on guiding nonprofit leaders to become natural and confident fundraisers. I work with causes I care about, when and where I can make a meaningful difference. I believe that fundraising is about sharing passion and making change, and that asking and giving can and should be a transformational experience for both the donor and the recipient of the gifts. In my work I strive to be honest, open and helpful. I am a philanthropist, a wife, a mother, a strategist, a coach and a change-maker. 

Susan Axelrod

Contact:; 518.495.4573

Susan has more than 30 years of experience as a fundraising executive, consultant and coach for worthy organizations, nonprofit leaders and emerging development professionals. She has helped dozens of organizations raise tens of millions of dollars over her career. She specializes in strategic thinking and helps nonprofit CEOs get Confident with personal solicitation and create lasting connections with their donors to facilitate meaningful relationships and purposeful gifts. She is a natural coach teaching, encouraging and helping clients shift and grow outcomes greater than they had previously imagined. Her goal for every healthy nonprofit organization is to create and have a life-long loyal donor corps. Susan has been a Certified Fund Raising Executive [CFRE] since 1992 -find information about fundraising certification here. She is registered in New York State as Fund Raising Counsel [FRC] and a Professional Fund Raiser [PFR], and is a good-standing member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals and the Partnership for Philanthropic Professionals. As such, she follows the industry Code of Ethical Standards, and she is a go-to community resource on questions of ethics in fundraising.

Susan is also a Philanthropy Advisor and motivational speaker, she inspires people to understand their life’s experience and purpose and helps them transform that purpose into a philanthropic passion and plan. Susan works with financial and legal advisors to help them find their own philanthropic passion and then to enrich client relationships. She is brought in for customer appreciation sessions and to engage individual clients to help 'bring meaning to money.'Contact her for advising and speaking engagements at HERE

Listening to Susan speak is fun, motivating and energizing...every time! Whether it’s during our individual coaching calls or to my team or board, she nails it. When I hired her as a coach, I didn’t realize I was also getting an extraordinary speaker!
— 2016-2017 client

To give back to the profession that has served her entire career, Susan offers a four-month Mentoring program for young professionals. This is a free part-professional, part-personal program that teaches self-confidence and Confident Fundraising to those willing to participate actively in the program. Please feel free to forward this information to anyone you know, particularly people from diverse backgrounds. Susan is personally interested and committed to promoting diversity in fundraising. Organizational leadership and staff must represent the communities they serve.

Being a donor and volunteer herself has provided total alignment through personal perspective and insight for her work with individuals and charitable organizations. She is a strategic advisor and has helped to conceptualize Jewish Girls Unite, an organization that meets her deep and abiding philanthropic passion: turning our Jewish daughters into Jewish 'mothers' [defined as learned Jewish adults who can nurture others in a loving way that will bring peace to our world].

Susan is amazed and thrilled to be married to her college sweetheart and is in awe of her daughters Rebecca and Sarah, now independent women, whom she adores and of whom she is extraordinarily proud. She is a proud alumna of Mount Holyoke College and lives in Rexford, NY.

Marcy Stengel

Marcy works with nonprofit organizations that are ready to move to a next level of expertise and productivity in fundraising. Her ability to listen, assess, process, articulate and plan resoundingly supports development professionals and nonprofit leaders in their daily work and in their long-term plans.

Marcy has been a professional fundraiser for more than 10 years, working for progressive causes and organizations to create and refine fundraising systems, improve donor stewardship and ensure positive change. Her love of fundraising began in high school, where she served as the treasurer for her school's environmental organization and got her first taste of organizing fundraising events. Since then she's never stopped believing in the power of people to change the world and she has worked in fundraising for higher education, public radio and environmental advocacy .

She is Vice President of Capital Region Sponsor a Scholar, currently sits on the board of the Capital District Childcare Coordinating Council and does pro-bono work for Docs for Tots, a national advocacy organization for pediatricians.

Marcy lives in Upstate New York with her husband, young son and rescue dog.