Amplify is:

  • A six-month collaborative coaching program for new nonprofit leaders who need to build the fundraising skills and understanding to build connections with individual donors that will lead to increased giving.

What you will do:

  • Participate in one monthly call that will detail specific aspects of individual donor cultivation and solicitation that will help you build, maintain and strengthen relationships with your donors. Yes, there will be homework!

  • Work personally with Coach Susan Axelrod to address the unique fundraising challenges you face in your work during two hours of individual coaching each month. We'll help you design the strategies that will bring you closer to your donors, and help them to get ready to give.

  • Learn from established fundraising practitioners and thought leaders on a variety of topics including prospect research, philanthropy and leadership development.

When you participate in Amplify, you will learn to:

  • Assess your readiness to receive gifts from individual donors. Learn why individual donors are critical to your organization's longterm growth and success.

  • Build tools and strategies that will help you tap into your donors' deepest passions.

  • Articulate your greatest needs in ways that will resonate with your donors' values.

  • Establish the systems to show your appreciation and respect for your donors' investment in your work. Smooth systems are critical to nurturing donor relationships.

  • Surpass your donors' expectations by earning their respect, loyalty and trust. You can avoid the pitfalls where most nonprofits fail to connect with donors.

  • Spend your time fundraising from sources that will yield the most short (and longterm) success for your organization.

  • Stop thinking about your year or your budget, and start thinking about your donors, your mission and your work in a larger context.

In addition to the course content and materials, you will build connections with leaders across the country who are facing many of the same challenges that you do. These connections can help you strengthen your professional networks and will give you lasting support as you grow as a leader and fundraiser.

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