You're new to your job, new to your organization, or new to the world of non-profits. You've been in your job for less than two years, and you know you need a little help.


I’ve developed a personalized coaching program for you!

This six-month program will give you the confidence, strategies and skills you need to elevate an existing major gifts program, or start a new one.

You'll participate in a 90-minute monthly call to discuss fundraising basics with Susan Axelrod. Every call will include training and prospect strategies using names you bring to the conversation.  I will help you develop long-term strategies to ensure your organization's growth and success. In addition to the monthly coaching call, you will have personal access through Q&Q-quick texts and emails-to ensure integration of materials and answers to questions that come up along the way. 

You can also use your calls to review prospect management strategy as you plan meetings with top donors and secure transformational gifts!

Invest $4,500 in your future as a leader. For less than the value of one single major gift to your organization, you will find personalized coaching, extreme value and long-term sustainable strategies that you can apply and teach others in your organization. 

....DID YOU KNOW....passionate giving partners [people who are deeply committed to your mission] WANT to support the long-term sustained impact your organization makes, you  can give them that opportunity by allowing them to support your desire to AMPLIFY now!