Marcy's Blog: Your Budget is a Values Document

Many nonprofit leaders are in a frenzy right now, working with their board officers and staff to develop the organizational budgets that will guide their work for the next year. 

As aspirational budgets get trimmed down in favor of realistic projections for both revenue and expenses, remember this: a budget is a values document.

If you’re building a budget, take a step back from the numbers and ask yourself: 

What does my organization value? 

What is this budget doing to set the stage for long term growth of my organization?

What is this budget doing to advance our mission this year?

How are your values represented in what you plan to spend—and in who you plan to ask for support in the coming year? 

Are you developing a budget that puts you on the course towards growth—are you investing in your staff (with raises and trainings), your professional development, your donors and your programs, or are you merely treading water, chasing gifts and grants to stay afloat from one year to the next?

What’s not in your budget that should be there?

Now is the time to make a change.