Marcy's Blog: Should Give is a Time-Waster

Should give is a time-waster. 

Scanning the annual reports, event programs, host committee listings of other organizations doesn’t really give you actionable information--now you know who’s giving to those groups. 

Good work! It’s easy to find the people who have money, Bill Gates has money, but he’s probably not giving to your organization. That’s ok, you’re not going to spend your time trying to get in front of him to pitch your organization.

It’s your job to connect with the people who love what you do, and want to help you do it better or bigger or longer than you can right now.

When you look at the donor lists for other groups you’re focusing on what’s not happening. Maybe your current donors are on those lists, maybe they’re giving more over there. 

Maybe they were asked for more, maybe they have more passion for that mission. That’s ok.

Should give isn’t the same as wants to give, has a burning passion for your mission and a belief in your future.

You can spin your wheels chasing the money, or you can invest your time, energy and attention in the donors you have, in those who care the most, and you can build the relationships that will be fulfilling for you, your donors and your organization in the long term.