Marcy's Blog: Before you Ask

If you’re going to ask, you need to give. How much you give is immaterial, but you should give, and it should be a meaningful amount for you.

Making your own gift changes the dynamic between you and your donor. You are no longer asking as part of your job--you’re not on the outside saying: “Do as others do”, you’re on the inside, leading by example.

You ask your donor to join you in making a gift that feels meaningful to them. That may be $10 or $10,000,000. 

That’s where connections are made, this is how relationships begin. As a donor yourself, you can talk about your connection to the mission, and you can ask your donor about their connection to the mission.

Now you can speak from your personal experience about why you’ve chosen to give, and you can make a compelling case for why a donor or prospective donor should do the same.

Creating this connection is a powerful and transformational experience that everyone who fundraises should experience. 

So before you make one more ask, make your gift.