Marcy's Blog: Respect

What if we fundraise with respect for our donor, what if we believe that they have more than money to give us, that they can teach us about our mission, help us to do our work better and smarter?

What if we asked them questions instead of just handing down pronouncements about our progress, our unending wants and requests.

It’s not about us. It’s really not.

Want quantitative proof? Check out this report from DonorVoice.

But on a personal level, think about your most treasured friends--they’re the ones who ask you about yourself, they have interest in you as a person. They ask about you, they don’t talk at you.

And when they call you with a problem or a need, you’re ready to drop everything and help.

As a fundraiser, be that friend to your donors and watch them be that friend to you, watch them be ready to give their advice, time and yes, money when you need it. Ask them questions, and follow up on their questions and concerns. Invest in them and watch them ask others to help you too.

Our business is a human business. We work with and for people. Let’s start acting like it.

Let’s be better listeners, more compassionate colleagues and more empathetic fundraisers.

Far too many fundraisers act like con artists rather than connectors. We aren’t twisting arms or shaking people down. 

Our job isn’t to part people from their money, they are choosing to invest in our vision. It’s not only that they’re giving money, it’s that we’re receiving their trust. 

It’s up to us to show that we’re worth it.