Susan's Blog: Breakthrough!

What does BREAKTHROUGH look like for you, for your organization?

What is the next level of what you are trying to attain?

Picture this: You are driving to a friend’s home for a holiday party without your GPS. You know and can get to their town. But you find yourself just driving around without being able to get precisely where you want to go [where the goodies are!]. This is what you’re doing if you don’t have your own map to get you directly to your Breakthrough point.

But the moment of the breakthrough isn't when the donor says yes, or a check comes in the mail. That's the resolution, the culmination of your effort and focus. To get to that point, you have to plan, set intention, and know what you're working toward

You need to create that map to get to where you want to go--wherever that end point may be. Be clear with yourself about your goals and know the tools that you have in front of you right now to help you get there.

Whether fundraising is your whole job, or only part of it, you have clear financial goals to meet. The money must be raised for the work to continue and your donors must feel a need to invest in your success. For you, breaking through likely looks like a certain amount of money you've raised, or a certain donor visit you've secured. But really, your breakthrough begins when you set a strategy long before that and commit to it, because at that point, you're setting yourself up for success, you're thinking beyond the dollars.

Here’s an anagram to help you think about your work in a different way: P.L.A.N.

In this PLAN, there are no ‘shoulds’ or ‘have-tos’ or ‘musts’….only real impact in real time for real results.

Permission: Give yourself permission to achieve your Breakthrough; permission to do something wonderful, to succeed outrageously. Give yourself permission to be okay in spite of human frailties, disappointments and frustrations. Without this permission, you may just continue to struggle against an unknown obstacle, the Breakthrough elusive and tauntingly just out of reach.

Love: Love yourself first. Love what you do. Why is this important in your Plan? Love allows flow and belief and acceptance. All must be in place to strengthen your resolve, your abilities, your commitment and your impact. Love yourself as much as you love your children, treat yourself as well as you would politely and respectfully treat a stranger. It’s vitally important to share this kind of love outside of yourself [especially with your spouse or partner] for your greatest impact and achievement.

Action: Most people live only with a thought, a dream, a desire, a wish inside of them that they think they can never make real. Instead of a big ‘impossible’ dream, use your imagination to create bite-sized manageable steps that you can actually accomplish. What is the first Action that you can take towards achieving your Breakthrough?

Now: Right now, in this moment, as you read this, Allow yourself to shift. Allow yourself to visualize what it feels like-just for a moment-to achieve the Breakthrough. Even a single moment counts. Ask anyone you know who is 70 or older, and they'll say that the minutes in life add up and go quickly. If you don’t do it now, yet another [and another and another] moment will have passed you by.

Want to make More Mission Happen in 2015? Create a Breakthrough Plan to raise more money with confidence! …This P.L.A.N. puts you in total control.

* For more on Action….do yourself a favor and read Shatter Your Speed Limits, by Wendy Lipton Dibner to learn The Action Formula [Desire + Resources + Permission = Action].