Susan's Blog: Fundraising and Fitness Training?

What could fundraising and fitness training possibly have to do with each other?

Both take Confidence.

I was at the gym today speaking with a highly sought after young Trainer I know there. He was telling me how he got there from bottoming out as a car salesman after not moving ahead as quickly as he wanted in his dream of becoming a famous WWE wrestler. 

 He made it three weeks selling cars, hit rock bottom, quit and finally took the training certification he had been intending to do for a long time. Previously, he had all the excuses-‘don’t have time,’ ‘don’t have money’ [I hear the same excuses from nonprofit CEOs who “know they need coaching, but…”]. In 4 weeks he passed the training, got the certification and shortly thereafter got a job as a Trainer in a good gym.

He told me that he was only earning $200 a week in the beginning but he began to channel his dream of being a wrestler into his new business opportunity that was right in front of him. As he grew more comfortable in his ability to teach and train others, something amazing started to happen. His time slots and classes started to fill, his income started to grow, he worked even harder and he was happier. I asked him what made the difference. His response was magic to my ears; he told me that he grew more Confident.

I froze for a moment trying to synthesize this—there it was, my thesis and new understanding of what I bring to people who hire me as a fundraising coach--I bring confidence to people as I 'train' them in an ongoing way on my equipment--strategies, methods, tools and secrets to fundraising success.

I realize that it doesn't matter what discipline it is; if you really want something, if you have the motivation to get it, and you serve others’ greater good in the process, you will gain confidence along the way. And you have the greatest chance of success coming from a high level of confidence. 

I'm delighted for my young friend to have learned this lesson so young.  I've encouraged him to accept his potential as a teacher to others in spite of his young age. I firmly believe that success and impact does not come from just the fact that your years are passing,  but from knocks, passion and desire,  focus, work and tenacity. 

What do you need to do to be more confident on the way to your dream?

Whether it’s raising money to make more mission happen, or training clients to become stronger, more fit and confident in their bodies--Just get started....time is passing anyway.  

PS: My young trainer friend is so Confident of his direction now that he 'PRd' twice squatting 500 lbs (really). He got 3 new clients just because they heard about what he did. That’s confidence.