For Nonprofit CEOs and Board Leaders: The Peril and Power of a Starling

A single starling perched precariously on the edge of a fence.

...Confident in the ability to balance but tiny alone, in peril of being gobbled up or squashed.

Have you ever seen the natural phenomenon of starlings in flight together?

If you have two minutes and thirteen seconds, click HERE and watch a mesmerizing and amazing feat of natural synergy now-starlings in flight....................Come back when you're done.

Notice how they come together in soaring power, separate in flight, but always reclaim their rightful place in unity that creates community that leads to unimaginable orchestration, beauty and power.

........Starlings land as individuals and rise in unison.

What would it feel like if your nonprofit organization lifted and soared in a flight of mission-impact? Can you feel that in your heart, the yearning to make that kind of impact for your consumers?

What would it take for you, your board, your staff, your consumers, your donors all to be working together in such unison?

I know. You're thinking: 

"I'd love to but I need money to make that happen."

CALL TO ACTION: Use strategy, be Confident, get creative, access the tools already available to you.

As you do this, you will grow partnerships with people who care the most about what you do. As you engage in a deeply meaningful way with your community, people will WANT to be a part of it, they will WANT to help, and believe it or not they will WANT to give. 

This is Confident Fundraising.