Nonprofits Wake Up!!


How are you doing with that?

Will yours be one of the organizations that survives, thrives or closes?

I wrote the following post in 2016 after the annual Giving USA report came out; this post is as relevant today....please read and consider!

Here's another post I wrote in 2016....after Britain's vote to exit the EU...this post, too, is as relevant today!! Please take a moment to read and consider! And come back for the rest of this post!

This blog is no place to get political, so I will simply say: pay attention to your funding streams! Where is the money coming from? Are you heavy on government funding? If not, wonderful! Please INNOVATE further! Get out of your own box to create multiple sources of strong income [like businesses have diverse products/services!] to maintain a strong fiscal base [create mission-related services to offer at a competitive fee/rate! Create product sales relevant to mission!]

If you are largely dependent on public funding [more than 40%], and you have not yet begun to see cuts from the heavy public support you receive-you will in a minute. Pay attention! 

Take TIME to step out/step back and look at your organization with curiosity, through a clear lens! Ask yourself:

  • How are we doing?
  • What are the top 3 organizational/administrative strengths we can parlay to greater fiscal outlook?
  • What are our top 3 organizational/administrative weaknesses? How can we shore them up?

IT'S TIME TO PAY ATTENTION! STEP BACK, BREATHE, TAKE AN HONEST LOOK AT YOURSELF-WHAT ARE YOUR OWN STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES? If high-level personal solicitation strategy and actual ASKING is not in your comfort-zone [read the Giving USA stats again to see where the money is coming from!], do what it take to get Confident!