You're established. You've closed big gifts before, and met with donors, but you know that your organization needs more resources, and you need to build your skills to get there. You want to inspire your donors to give more, and you need the tools and strategies to do it. 

We can help.

If you have a minimum of two other nonprofit leaders looking to grow as confident and expert fundraisers, Coach Susan Axelrod will put together a mastermind group for these professionals who want to learn together, share stories of success and close major gifts that will transform the course of the organizations they lead and serve. This creates your own built-in learning group that can continue [all trained in the methodology/language] that can continue beyond the coaching package.

This four-month program will give you the confidence you need to energize an existing major gifts program, or start a new one. 

Your select group of established leaders will meet for a twice-monthly call to discuss strategies with coach Susan Axelrod. Each of the three participants will also have twice-monthly prospecting calls with Susan where she'll help you develop specific long term plans to ensure your organization's growth and success. 

Fee for each of three participants, and investment of $5,000 to enhance your skills. One gift can cover the cost of your participation in a group that can help you double, triple or exponentially grow the returns.

This program requires a group of 3 nonprofit leaders to apply together-a cost-saving opportunity with outstanding impact!