This is a three-month coaching package designed for the nonprofit executive and either their lead fundraising professional or the board chair.

The Engage program is designed to enhance the most important nonprofit CEO pairings for Confident Fundraising:

  1. Working together with the fundraising professional--speaking the same language, understanding the strategies, staying in synch ... OR

  2. Working together with the board chair--identifying potential donors, sharing the passion for the mission with others who care the most and having shared successes ...

... Each of these smooth and successful partnerships allows an executive to feel supported, sure of the map to follow every day and to feel a more secure future for their organization.

Developing shared goals and strong partnerships will help to put donors at the center of the work and to build the skills needed to be more effective fundraisers and leaders and it will empower both Engage participants to be more confident fundraisers in the field.

What You Get:

  • Each month, each participant will have an individual coaching session with Coach Susan Axelrod [up to 60 minutes], along with a monthly joint Training call [up to 90 minutes]. Additionally, each participant will have up to an additional 3 hours a month in phone and email 'Double Q'-Quick Questions.

  • Individual calls will address key challenges in fundraising or management that have been identified by the participants. The joint calls will guide participants on specific elements of fundraising that will be tailored to particular organizational needs and challenges.

What You Gain:

Training and Coaching in a proven fundraising methodology that will transform the way you look at fundraising.

A basis for a new culture of philanthropy in your organization.

The best partnerships look effortless, because each partner is tuned in to what the other is doing. Listening, learning, sharing. You can expect an outcome of CONFIDENCE...knowing that you are focusing on the right issues, right now!

It's a lot of work behind the scenes to get there and stay there. When you create that common language and learn new skills, you can build connections within your organization that will flow through your staff and will reach your donors in powerful ways.

Your Investment:

For two people from your organization, Invest $7,500 for this three-month personal coaching program that will reshape how you fundraise, work and lead. When your donors feel the strength of a united lead team, your investment will be returned many times over in gifts of support.

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