You’ve been a source of so much strength for me. Working with you has been a priceless opportunity. I can’t thank you enough!
— R. Metzger


You want to become a confident prolific fundraiser?

Do you really 'want' that?

Or, do you feel you 'have to' become a great fundraiser?

Think about the difference. If you feel you have to [i.e. but you don't really want to], might you not be in resistance to the very outcome you seek? IF, you respond that you want it, then I have a question for you: 


What would it feel like to know you are raising the money you need to fully support the programs you have? PLUS putting away money for downturns, surprises, and the future? What would it feel like to know 'there is enough' instead of the constant refrain of 'there is never enough'?

There is no amount of 'Training' that will break through the thoughts that bombard you daily about the lack of resources facing your organization. 'Trainings' do offer you community, a group of others doing similar work, in a similar situation. But, let's face it, that's just not enough.

100% of Nonprofit CEO Training attendees go back and face piles, fires, full inboxes and most of all fear, asking one question repeatedly: "How am I going to do this?" Training materials get buried.

Here's an a new answer to the question: "How am I going to raise more money?"

Personal Fundraising Coaching.


  • Ongoing Coaching Relationship

  • Teaching a proven methodology

  • Breaking through your blocks, barriers & limiting beliefs about ability

  • Producing for your organization 

I have raised millions of dollars myself as a fundraiser working with nonprofits in at least six giving arenas [healthcare, higher education, social services, Jewish fundraising, eldercare and the arts]. I have helped raise tens of millions of dollars as a consultant and personal fundraising coach over the last two decades.

Today, I am a Personal Coach with tools and resources to support your goals.

I WANT to work with you!



Experienced Fundraising Coach Susan Axelrod offers highly personalized and specialized coaching for nonprofit leaders who are ready to make deeper connections with donors and raise more money. Helping nonprofit leaders transform their consciousness from Money to Meaning by moving FROM a Fundraising Culture of Asking for Money TO a Philanthropy Culture of Offering Meaningful Impact is the core of Susan's work. Strengthening the nonprofit sector one organization at a time is the Impact. 

I offer Individualized Coaching and teach strategy for high-level personal solicitations that produce every time. For individual nonprofit leaders in a customized coaching program, to national organizations with multiple chapters, or small groups of people who come together through innovative connections, I offer intensive programs to provide training and guidance to both emerging and established nonprofit leaders. 

Whatever your personal fundraising coaching need is, please look through the site and contact me directly if you do not see a program that works for you. I never pressure or engage in hard-sell tactics. Get Confident! Call for a free no-strings session and then you can decide if it works for you.

Through Confident Fundraising, my intention is to offer fundraising relief to the executive leaders of nonprofits throughout the United States who are lovingly and expertly caring for the fabric of our society. I am here to support you in a safe environment with your most private concerns about your own ability to raise money for your organization. You must succeed, for the strong future of the nonprofit sector, and our world. Blessings to each and every one of you for the work you do every day, Susan



SEEKING A MENTOR OR COACH from the 'poet laureate' of fundraising, Jerry Panas:

Josh Bersin is a noted management consultant and an expert on corporate leadership. He was involved with General Electric— first with Jack Welch and then Jeffrey Immalt.

He wrote an article called Why Leaders Must Be Experts. One of the sections that stood out for me was his comment that everyone needs to find a coach. No matter what your rank or level in the organization. Here’s what he wrote:

“If you think back about your own career, you can probably think of one person (a manager, an executive, an advisor) who had a significant impact on making you who you are today. This person took some extra time to work with you, gave you some badly needed advice, and truly cared about your success.

A coach is not a manager or supervisor, but rather someone who knows how to help you bring out the best you have. And this person has the uncanny ability to point out your weaknesses and help you learn to overcome them. We have coaches all around us. You should look for one and ask one of your colleagues to take time with you every quarter (or hire a professional executive coach, there are thousands of them). High performing companies are heavily invested in leadership coaching.”

You musn’t feel awkward or reticent about asking someone. I have found most are pleased to be asked.

Pick out someone you greatly admire and respect. Let them know why you chose them and how much time you believe it will take.                                                                                                                                                                         Jerry Panas

Personal Intensive

For the nonprofit CEO who is really ready, I offer a one-month Fundraising Coaching Intensive to build your Confidence, strength and endurance.

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Specialized coaching sessions and community for new non-profit leaders to learn fundraising basics and build confidence. You can gain the tools to ask for the gifts you need.

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Three-month coaching sessions designed for the nonprofit executive and either their lead fundraising professional or the board chair.  Shared goals and strong partnerships will help to put donors at the center of the work.

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An elite mastermind group for leaders looking to inspire philanthropy and build on past successes. This breakthrough program will explore high level strategies to invigorate existing efforts.

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Confident Fundraising is a service of Axelrod Philanthropy Advising....What Will Your Legacy Be? 

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