WOW! In just one call, with that single Tool, I saw the whole picture. Now, having you as my Fundraising Coach makes me a Master Carpenter. I have the tools to feel successful; before—I was barely an apprentice. I felt nervous all the time about being ‘found out’ that I was uncomfortable and unsure about fundraising. Now, with every call we have, I’m feeling productive and on track. Thank you for helping me see that ‘time is our friend,’ and to ‘inject donor-love into the equation.’ Just these two tools alone have changed my daily existence. [Confident Fundraising Coaching Client]

My calls with you are my favorite part of the week! I know that I will learn something useful both for work and personally in every call and I always feel so good when we’re done. Thank you for being a bright spot in my week! [Confident Fundraising Coaching Client]
My mission is so important! I can’t wait to learn strategies, tools and coaching to be more confident in fundraising. I want to do this to have the mission-impact that is so needed!
— Founding CEO
Does your fundraising activity feel like you're climbing this rock mountain?  Susan Axelrod offers strategies and tools to help you reach the top in confidence!

Does your fundraising activity feel like you're climbing this rock mountain?

Susan Axelrod offers strategies and tools to help you reach the top in confidence!

As a College Dean fundraising is in my job description, but no one ever really trained me. It was just expected that I would know how when my Development Officer called.
Before I met you, ‘fundraising’ was just a big jumble of knowing I had to get money. Now, after just 3 meetings with you, I have your tape in my head: “Start with passion, break it down and offer authentic connection for a meaningful giving experience.”
When I think about fundraising now, it feels easy and fun, thank you!


Fundraising Coaching Intensive 


For the nonprofit leader who is really ready, I’m offering a one-month Fundraising Coaching Intensive to build your Confidence, strength and endurance.


  • One weekly coaching call up to two hours with brief follow-up Thinking Points and Action Items generated after call

  • One additional joint training call with a Board Chair or staff person up to 90 minutes

  • Double Q—Quick Question telephone or text access

  • Email up to six hours over the coaching period

NOTE: Scheduling and keeping these calls will be up to the client. Work is busy and we’re all human and might forget and rescheduling is permitted, but the success of this Intensive will come from pre-scheduled meetings that you are committed to participate in actively.


The cost is $3,600, less than one major gift [a wonderful capacity-building giving opportunity by someone who is an organizational passion partner!]



Susan Axelrod conducts 30-minute interviews during the last week of every month for this program, followed by a 3-question application. Those accepted are ready to train and your personal sessions begin the first week of the month.

Contact Susan now for your interview!, Subject: I'm ready!


Post Script: As a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals and a Certified Fund Raising Executive, I sign a code of ethics that means I do not bring names of donors with me. All strategies will be from names you generate.