With more than three decades of fundraising experience, veteran fundraising coach Susan Axelrod is the Answer to your Question: ‘How are we going to get those big gifts we need?’

Susan…offers inspired coaching for non-profit leaders at all stages of their careers

You…build the skills and confidence you need to become a natural! [believe it!]

Working co-actively, you will identify innate skills, apply your personal strengths and use a proven Fundraising Methodology to confidently meet your fundraising goals!

Susan works with leaders who are ready and willing to make change to help create a thriving organization that has

  • Sustained, authentic relationships with donors

  • Unwavering focus on mission

  • Creative stewardship and follow up

Each element reinforces the other. Taken together they provide strength, balance and foundation for sustained growth. 

Susan works with nonprofits leaders who want to ensure a strong future, but know they do not have the fundraising skills to secure a strong foundation for their organization. There is no shame in this....MOST NONPROFIT LEADERS HAVE NEVER RECEIVED EFFECTIVE PERSONALIZED TRAINING IN FUNDRAISING, ESPECIALLY MAJOR GIFTS OR PLANNED GIVING! Susan offers clarity of direction, calm focus on key issues and effective Tools that are simple to learn and apply.

At Confident Fundraising, we look for established and emerging nonprofit leaders who want to learn to be better fundraisers to take part in our trainings, personal coaching or organizational consultation. Those who are ready...

  • ...will benefit from personal attention to their specific fundraising challenges.

  • ...will benefit from authentic community and personal connections with other leaders navigating the same fundraising challenges.

  • ...will have access to and coaching on fundraising strategy, prospect management and development planning.

  • will have have ongoing access to Susan Axelrod, lead coach to get ongoing fundraising strategy questions answered.

If that’s you, you’re ready to connect more deeply with us to transform your organization. 

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